About Qbis

About staffing agency UAB Qbis

We are an employment agency that helps job-seekers from Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Poland and Portugal to find a job in the Netherlands and Germany in such sectors as:
✔ logistics
✔ food industry
✔ metalworking
✔ construction
✔ information technology and
✔ agriculture

What makes us different from other staffing agencies?

Unlike many other employment agencies we don’t charge job seekers for using their services. Our aim towards job-seekers is to create a realistic expectation on jobs and living conditions in the Netherlands and Germany. This is why we ask every recruited worker to share his or her experience through a feedback form which is shared on our website. 87% of the recruited workers commented positively on our services.

Services we offer

We are specialized in selecting staff for the Dutch and German labor markets in mainly the production-, agricultural- and technical sectors. From our office in Vilnius we interview Lithuanian, Latvian, Romanian, Portuguese and Polish people in person or with video conferences.

According to a client satisfactory study that is held among our 11 biggest partners we are rated (on average):
✔ on the quality of the employees that are selected 7.6
✔ on the response time 7.6
✔ on the quality of our service in general 7,9


After the registration, our staff will contact you within 1 business day