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Are you looking for work in Germany? Since June 2011 there are no restrictions for most EU-citizens to go and work in Germany. Due to the increasing interest in workforce for German companies we started spreading our services to the German labor market. There are many recruiting agencies active in Germany which are concentrated on the local labor market and do not work with foreign workforce. Because of a shortage in certain sectors in Germany the need for foreign workers who speak German and that are motivated to work for a long period of time in Germany is growing.

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We communicate with German agencies that are interested in EU-workforce. People that are interested in work in Germany 2018, should be able to communicate in German and be motivated to stay for a longer period of time. Besides that, it is very important that candidates have a flexible attitude. Together with the candidates that are going to work in Germany through us we try to build up a nice system of employment services, so that there will be an opportunity for more people to enjoy their employment in Germany.

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German agencies are open and willing to invite new people to join their current employees working in such sectors: logistics, production industry, construction or health care. In cooperation with the biggest companies, agencies can offer various jobs in factories, warehouses, construction sites or hospitals.

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Industrial companies look forward to employing qualified welders with fluent language and professional experience. Most of them will be employed in ship yards, food industry and in the petrochemical industry. There will be work in Germany for electricians, operators, mechanics and industrial painters as the shortage of these specialists is growing rapidly.

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